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If you’re a Wounded Warrior we’ll cut your grass for free! We consider it our privilege to do so.
In addition, this season we will donate $1500.00 to Wounded Warriors Project from our yard work earnings.

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A few summers ago in 2011 we decided not to sit around watching TV or playing video games all day.

We pitched the idea of a lawn mowing business to our parents. They bought into our idea.

We had to write a business plan, do a budget, and print up flyers with the name of our business.

Dad decided to take us knocking on over 300 neighborhood doors marketing our business. We were not allowed to talk, text, or hang out while we were working. Dad taught us how to work and make every yard shine with our names on it. We grew fast. Our phone was ringing off the hook. We hired other students to work for us. What started as a mowing service has grown into a year-round landscaping company with great, loyal customers.

Working has taught us how to plan with a sense of urgency. We had a sense of urgency to earn money. We saved up to meet our operating expenses. We bought our own trailers, Xmark lawnmowers, back pack blowers, weed wackers, leaf vacuum, snow blade, trailers, and more. My parents gave us a loan, but we had to earn everything we bought for our business. My brother and I paid our parents back for the loan. We are glad we did not have to pay them back with interest.  A portion of what we earned had to be paid forward to an organization of our choice. We chose to give back to military soldiers.

We made home made cookies and brought gift cards to the soldiers at Bethesda. After visiting with the Wounded Warriors at Bethesda, we came face to face with real adversity. Their positive attitudes toward lifelong hurdles showed us the real meaning of service over self. My brother and I were convicted about donating a portion of our hard earned lawn mowing money to the Wounded Warriors. We saw soldiers without arms and legs just a few years older than us. At that point I realized money is cheap compared to the life sacrifices made for our freedom. We are honored to cut Wounded Warriors' yards for free, considering this is a privilege. Our business is not just about making money, it is about giving back to those who pay the ultimate price defending our great country.


For more information please visit:

My brother and I were mentioned in this brief news segment after we were both selected to participate in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program administered by both the US Naval and Military Academy.

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I am so glad I found Nathan and Luke's website! The part that really sold me was their section because it reminded me so much of my family and how we were raised. So many kids out there want to sit on their duffs and get handouts, but not Nathan and Luke; they work for it! Since hiring them, I have been nothing but pleased and they are every bit that their website says they are. They don't goof around, they get the job done and the yard looks great! They even got our twins a card and some gifts when they were born and on top of all of that, they give 20% to the Wounded Warriors! These young men are EXACTLY who I would hire for any job and give hope to America's youth leaders today. Nathan and Luke are the real deal and I am proud to endorse them!
~Dennis | Cherry Run, VA

We have two teenage brothers who do our yard service. We have big yard and they do an outstanding job. They and their parents are such a great family and they give a percentage of their earning to the military wounded warrior program. Today when they came to mow I gave them their mowing money and talked for a minute. They asked about Aidan's upcoming surgery on Tuesday for his left knee tumor removal and the hamstring lengthening in both legs. Then at the end of their mowing they knocked and gave me an envelope with a note, and took off running as it had just started to rain. Inside the envelope was the note posted below, plus they returned their mowing money. They are fine young leaders. Wished they would have kept their money, the note and gesture was more than enough, it touched my heart. Appreciate their kindness and their prayers.
~Lori, Aidan and Family | Lorton, VA


Nathan and Luke's Reply:


Facebook Post Regarding the Reply

I just wanted to let people know, from a customer perspective, what great experience we had when we hired TWOBROTHERSMOWING to take care of some yard work for my senior parents. We found this company on Craigslist, and contacted them by phone to ask if they served the area near Kamp Washington. I live over an hour away from Northern Virginia, and wanted to find some local, dependable people we could count on. They asked for the address, and promptly came out and gave us a free estimate of hours needed to do the job. On Saturday, Nathan, Luke, and another worker showed up 15 minutes early to get prepared, and started right when they said they would. Their customer service and follow up was superb, and it was obvious that they take pride in doing an excellent job. When the job was complete, I received a phone call that evening to make sure we were satisfied with their work. These young men work hard, are courteous, friendly, and focused on providing excellent customer service giving a portion of their earnings to the Wounded Warriors. We will refer them to others, and hire them again. If you are looking for an honest and caring company to do EXCELLENT work for you, we highly recommend them.
~The McDonald Family | Fairfax, VA

I called on 2 brothers mowing to help me after being disappointed by the hurried and uncaring work of several other big local landscapers; Nathan and Luke responded quickly, and turned my backyard townhouse eyesore to eye candy. My backyard was a jungle with overgrown flower beds, unkempt bushes and 10 ft weeds. These students worked incredibly hard and completed the job very responsibly within days. Their work is of excellent quality at half the price. I highly recommend 2 brother's mowing.
~ Margie and Jerry G. | Springfield, VA

We used Students R Us for leaf removal and removing some pea gravel from our backyard this spring. We were very pleased with Nathan and Luke's professionalism, promptness in arrival to do the work, and excellent work. Both times they called after the job was completed to be sure we were pleased with the results. Not only are their prices reasonable, but I discovered they also donate some of their profits to the charitable organization Wounded Warriors. This made me feel even better that we chose them to do the work in our yard!  My husband and I were very impressed with these mature, hardworking young men, and would definitely use them again.
~ Leslie and George | Manassas, VA

Excellent Service!  In July Cardinal Estates Home Association (CEHA), a single family home community in Burke, VA hired Nathan and Luke of Two Brothers Mowing to do a complete cleanout and re-mulching of the main playground in our 9 acre park.  They were communicative throughout the multiple steps of the project, did a great job with the task, and ensured all areas were clean before declaring the job complete.  CEHA was pleased with the value of their work and will look for opportunities to hire Nathan and Luke again.  
~ Eric S. | Burke, VA

Just wanted to say thanks and compliment Nathan and Luke for the work they do on our Summerwind home in Fairfax Station. You do a great job mowing and we can always count on you to clean up, and treat our home as if it were your own.  You are both mature beyond your years and show pride in what you do. For 2 brothers in just middle and high school your work ethic beats any company I've paid double the amount of money for. You are always very courteous and respectful when on our premises. Your hard work in helping me to seal my 300 foot driveway, repair 3 split fences, and haul away debris during durecho made my honey do list a lot lighter. I appreciate that no job is too big or too small for you to do with the same zeal and determination to always do a good job. We are proud to be your customer and wish more young people showed the leadership and commitment you do.  You are fine young men and excellent examples to young people today.  We wish you the very best and continued success. Rest assured you'll be getting more business from us.  Keep up the good work. 
~ John T. | Fairfax Station, VA 

Nathan put up 6 split rail fences in the sweltering 90 degree heat, lifted and hauled and completed the fence repairs in one day. I will call on them again to put down 26 bags of mulch, cut our 7 acre lot in Clifton and clean out horse stalls for the following reasons: Competitive bid, quality timely work, excellent cleanup after the work was completed, and follow-up after the job to ensure complete satisfaction. These kids really know how to work and earned their money. The best leaders are yet to come with young men like Nathan and Luke. I am so very proud of these fine young men.
~ Natalie W. | Clifton, VA

Nathan and Luke came out to my property to rake leaves this past Autumn.  They did a fabulous job and their pricing was great! They went above and beyond just taking care of the lawn, they made sure that the patios and porches were clear of leaves and even cleaned out under the decking without being told to do so.  I highly recommend these young hardworking men for all of your landscaping needs.
~ David V. | Burke, VA

Nathan & Luke:  We believe in positivity and giving thanks when thanks is due. We first contacted you for an estimate on lawn clean up, for the yard work we had been unable to do ourselves this year. It was a huge job and you all came out and accessed our yard carefully and speaking with us about what we hoped to accomplish for our lawn. You gave an estimate with a great price and exactly the scope of the work to be completed. Your company was prompt on coming in and working over several days to get everything completed. You did a great  job and the transformation was amazing. We knew then that we definitely wanted to continue as our lawn care providers.  We love doing business with family owned businesses and love seeing your  entrepreneurial spirit. Though at this time you are students and provide your services around that schedule. Your work ethic surpasses many who do lawn care as their full-time career.  We appreciate the services provided by your company more than I can say! You are prompt and particular about the work that you do. What ever job field the two of you continue into we know that you will succeed because of how you conduct yourself in the part-time job that you do now with your lawn care company.  The two of you are professional, competent and I am convinced there is nothing that you cannot do in regard to the lawn care profession. We appreciate the services provided more than we can say. We know that you all will show up like clockwork and get the job done. Not only do you do the work, you always go above and beyond.

~ Danny B. | Alexandria, VA




We've been with three different service providers prior to you, and had become quite frustrated with the service we had received. They all started out good but became lax in their work and not showing up as promised. With your company we never have to worry about the customer service , or the work not being done. You always keep your word and continue to deliver great service. We recommend you every chance we get because we love to share the good news that great service companies do exist. Plus being a military family we love that you donate a portion of your money to the wounded warrior project. So not only are you making money for yourselves but you know the value in helping others and paying it forward. Which is a life lesson that will go on to help you in the years to come. We are so happy that we found you and wanted to provide you with a testimonial. Any other families or businesses would be fortunate to hire you for their lawn needs. If anyone would like further info from us regarding your work please feel free to have them contact us.

~ Bob & Lori C. | Lorton, VA




We saw the Bender Boys’ ad on Craigslist when we were looking for help to stack wood from two large trees we had to cut down in our back yard.  When we contacted them, they responded right away and offered to drop by and give an estimate for their work.  Luke and his dad arrived to complete the job, which was admittedly difficult and would require some muscle.  Working diligently, they completed the job in a less than three hours.  They were neat with their work, were always in a friendly mood, and did not leave until the last piece of wood had been stacked. We have added their names and phone number to our list and will call on them again when we need reliable, efficient, and honest help.  We recommend them without hesitation or reservation.

~ Tom and Ginger H. | West Springfield, VA




When I was recently referring a friend to the Bender Brothers, who have provided lawn care services for me for several years, I was asked for my opinion about the quality of their work. That was a question I could answer off the top of my head. Professional. Prompt. Courteous. Reliable. Quality workmanship. Fair. Reasonable rates. Efficient. Flexible. And, though it is a word not often associated when describing a business, they are compassionate; more on that later. All attributes that we all look for in service providers of all types, right?  As business owner/operators, The Bender Brothers, Nate and Luke,  embody these characteristics, and many more, but here is the hitch. These brothers are teenagers! The are nothing short of amazing. They provide free estimates. They arrive on time, ready to work. They stay within the quoted price range. Every time. All things we should be able to expect from any business transaction, but rarely experience in this day and age, right? And did I mention? They are teenagers! These guys are like lawn care ninjas. You don't even know that they have arrived at your home until you get the knock on the door from Luke saying that they are done, and asking if they have completed the job to your satisfaction. Here's the part about compassion. Last year at this time, I had a crippling case of bronchitis that lasted nearly four months and resulted in job loss due to unavoidable frequent absence. Knowing that I needed to start immediate belt-tightening, I informed Luke and Nate that I had to cancel the appointment we'd made for them to do the annual spring yard clean-up. Much to my amazement, they said they wanted to do it anyway, on the house, which they did, and they did an AMAZING job. For all these reasons, without hesitation, I would recommend Luke and Nate to do anyone in need of lawn care services.

~ Kathi G. | West Springfield, VA


Hi Luke - Thanks again for all your hard work on Sunday! Luke and his team of yard gurus did an enormous job for us just in one Sunday afternoon!  Our property has tons of flora including large trees, bushes, and other plantings.  Not only did Luke and his team complete a huge pruning job (a 20' high holly bush) and remove a strongly rooted tree, but also pruned 10 azalea bushes, mulched 3 planting beds AND power washed the front porch, sidewalk, and 3 decks.  It was amazing!  We'd defenitely recommend twobrothersmowing for all types of yard work anytime!

~ AJ | Fairfax Station, VA


I have retained Nathan & Luke on a project basis numerous times over the course of the past three or four years - - for projects such as spring clean up and mulching.  Each time, I am amazed yet again at the maturity, good judgment, responsibility and professionalism of these teenagers, who have built an active and successful landscaping and services business.  They fulfill commitments.  They show up when they say they will.  They communicate well.  They stick with the project until completed with little or no supervision once you lay out the parameters or needs.  They are scrupulously honest and caring about pleasing their customers.  My own boys are ten or fifteen years older than Nathan and Luke, and I certainly know that, at that age, my own kids didn't have the maturity, the drive and the good sense that Nathan and Luke do. I would not hesitate in the least to recommend the Bender Brothers' services.  They are top notch.

~ Michael B. | Fairfax Station, VA

Two Brothers Mowing
Fairfax Station, Va
Phone: 703.250.0532